• @positivityna ahahahaha hell yass! sounds like an amazing dream! I wanna have that gut too hahaha   adinasmind:
  • I brought some superfood snacks from @naturesheartsuperfoods in my travel backpack (they were too good to leave them home). Enjoying the view while snacking on delicious goldenberries & fruit is pretty much my new daily ritual now! It was one of my biggest dreams to visit - to explore new places, go backpacking, sit and relax on the beach...and yesss, I’m finally doing it! Also, I’m slowly getting back on track with my posting routine + planning some strength training for tomorrow and many other interesting things. This lifestyle is slowly becoming my new “normal” and it’s freaking me out, but I trust the Universe and it always works out the way I need it to! What is your biggest dream, fam? Do you have one at all? Share down below⬇️ ⠀ ad | sponsored

  • thegoldengrenadine thegoldengrenadine

    Yasssss! That colour is 🔥 on you! Hope you are having a fantastic time babes!! 🙌💖

  • positivityna positivityna

    My biggest dream is to live in australia again and to have a badass gut that is able to digest anything I eat 😂♥️♥️

  • mariiisa_hofi mariiisa_hofi

    Omg I want to visit Thailand so muchhhh

  • tropicallyjenna tropicallyjenna

    Yummy! So glad you got to explore Thailand 💚🌴

  • fruitysophie fruitysophie

    Cutie! I miss Thailand so bad, such a beautiful country 🙌🏼

  • muhammad_1_439 muhammad_1_439


  • _runningonplants_ _runningonplants_

    I just love this bikini 😍❤️

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @_runningonplants_ Thanks babe❤️❤️❤️ I love it too❤️❤️❤️

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @muhammad_1_439 ❤️❤️❤️

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @fruitysophie yess girl! I’m really considering moving hahahaha one day

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @tropicallyjenna yess girl! It’s so awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’d love to visit this place more ofteb

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @thevegangirlboss *often

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @mariiisa_hofi yess girl! Do that! I was postponing for so long - and WHY!???? it’s a dream😍😍😍😍

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @positivityna ahahahaha hell yass! sounds like an amazing dream! I wanna have that gut too hahaha

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @thegoldengrenadine I am fully enjoying it here :)) really considering moving :)) rent is so cheap here and in indonesia!!!

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @grandermarnier yess gurl! I’m soo glad I’m here! finally doing some work to achieve all my goals! THAILAND - CHECK!!!

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @vegansgotstyle_ thanks babe🤗

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @chrysphillips_ yess girl! I’m gonna be here for the whole month (and in Indonesia) would love to live here hahaha

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @veganbitebakery yesss! you should definitely try! their choc covered goldenberries are something unreal

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @veganbitebakery not really, Koh Phi Phi was crowded, but not Railay :) it’s a perfect blissful place

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @veganbitebakery ❤️❤️❤️

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @veganeatsbrum 😍❤️

  • adinasmind adinasmind

    @veganafbaker ❤️❤️❤️

  • axelschura axelschura

    Ufff love that shot 😍😍😍

  • karmataizia karmataizia

    @thevegangirlboss I’m so excited you will have to give me some tips! Sometimes that’s the best way, just to go and then see where things take you, live in the moment ✨ You definitely deserve it, so glad things are working out well for you. Traveling really is the absolute best 💖💖

  • elisaabethlund elisaabethlund

    Ok wow what a dream 😍

  • caitlinnngolder caitlinnngolder

    Omg so amazing 😍😍

  • sensible_living_ sensible_living_

    Thailand is my dream vacation destination and can't wait to visit it soon. How are you liking it so far 💚

  • styledestino styledestino

    You look smoking hot! Enjoy the weather ✨

  • thekiaraana thekiaraana

    Mmm yum! I want to check them out! Enjoy Thailand!

  • twinskitchen twinskitchen

    You absolute babe ❤️ this place is a dream come true!!!

  • veganfarmspromo veganfarmspromo

    Hey Love! We just opened our new store and we want to send you and your friends some items from our VeganFarms Store. DM us 😇🙋🏻‍♀️

  • petiteelise petiteelise

    Always in need of beach snacks heheh Thailand looks like an absolute dream!!!

  • fabulous_torture fabulous_torture


  • naomimillbanksmith naomimillbanksmith

    Ah I’m so jel!!

  • world.without.borders_ world.without.borders_

    Oh my! What a stunning shot! If you want us to feature you on the WWB page make sure you use #WorldWithoutBorders ! cheers❤️🌎✌️

  • mikaelaphillips mikaelaphillips

    Ur travels are looking amazingggg

  • themindfulstrawberry themindfulstrawberry

    Beach babe 😍

  • petertyszewski petertyszewski

    Adina 😃 ...You have to tell me all about it when You are back! 😃

  • lucywooding lucywooding

    Looks like heaven on that beach ☺️❤️

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